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Crew Wanted - Cruising
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Volkan Dikmen   -   16 November 2016 at 13:59  Email:  
I am looking for 1 or 2 crew to include in our crew pool. We already have a pool of 5 people and we usually aim to sail with 3-4 crew. The boat is a brand new Arcona 410. She is an extremely responsive and well-equipped performance cruiser. We sailed her from Stockholm to Hamble in June and these days we are mainly cruising around the Solent on weekends. Our future cruising plans include short trips along the south coast of England and long-weekend trips across the English Channel to France. We are ideally looking for like-minded people who we'll enjoy spending time with and who have obtained at least their day skipper or have similar level of experience. If you are interested for some easy-going but fun cruising please send an informal sailing CV and tell a little bit about yourself. You can reach me on Best regards.
Christopher Barker   -   25 August 2016 at 14:51  Email:  
Join me as crew for a day with a Yachtmaster instructor.

Prior to my Yachtmaster exam which I've booked for a couple of weeks' time, I have a YM instructor coming to the club on SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER to give me some practice.

This would be an opportunity to pick up what a YM examiner is looking for at someone else's expense - and doubtless to learn from my mistakes. Lots of opportunity for you to do the actual sailing - if I were to my usual practice of effectively single-handing, I would fail straight away!

I'm happy with people from novice to experienced. Sense of humour and good spirit essential. I sail a 39' Beneteau from the club. I will be providing modest food through the day.

Please reply by email in the first instance - as I'm off sailing abroad until then!
John Rutherford   -   27 May 2016 at 10:38  Email:  
We are currently in Scotland going cruising round the Western Isles for a while before coming back down to Hamble. We are tootling about to get to Lochmaddy (on Uist) by 8th June. We are then taking part in the first St. Kilda race which is 100NM out round St. Kilda and back which promises to have excellent parties, then gently making our way back to Hamble by the end of June. The boat is an Oyster 45 called Degree of Latitde. We have spaces for all that period, people come and go for as long as they want. Come and have fun.
Tony Stattersfield   -   03 February 2016 at 16:07  Email:  
Crew wanted to help take 42ft Moody to the Canaries. April departure.
Well found boat with sensible owner. Dry at sea.
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