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Anna Nichols   -   17 September 2017 at 18:12  Email:  

I recently moved to Southampton after graduating from Uni earlier this year. I gained my Day Skipper a couple of years back and I am very keen to get out doing more yacht sailing and learning as much as I can. Excited to hear about any opportunities.

I work Monday-Friday so only free on weekends.
Caterina   -   28 August 2017 at 12:22  Email:  
Hi all! I live in London and I am looking to get back on board. Got some decent experience in the med (family owned 39foot sloop and sailed since I was 12) and dinghy/semiskiff experience (laser 2000, laser 3000, Vago) as bowman. Looking to do some cruising, gain some experience on the north sea and build up miles and generally get back on board.

Available all or most weekends for both dinghy and keelboat sailing.
Claire Taylor   -   30 July 2017 at 15:07  Email:  
I got into sailing 5 years ago, which was fairly late in life for me as I'm 60, almost 61. I did Comp Crew in 2012, and Dayskipper in 2013, and now have 5,000 nms in my log book. I also have a VHF license, and have done the 1 day Sea Survival course.

Most of my sailing has been on the Solent and across to the Channel Islands, but I've also covered the whole of the coast from Chatham to Penzance. Going further afield I've sailed in the Ionian and the Aegean, along much of the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal, all around Sardinia and across the Bay of Biscay.

I live in Maidstone, Kent, so getting down to the Solent isn't a problem; and Essex, Suffolk and Sussex are easy for me to get to aswell.

I work full time, which means that sailing is unfortunately confined to weekends and annual leave. Still, walking to work every day keeps me fit, and I often go for a swim on the way home.

Lastly, I am happy to sleep in the saloon, but I'm afraid that I'm not prepared to share a cabin.
Alan Webber   -   02 May 2017 at 15:53  Email:  
Hello there!

I'm a 53 old male, and a newly certified RYA certified Day Skipper (Sail). I also have RYA Day Skipper (Power), Marine Radio (SRC) and Radar certifications. My practicals for both sail and power were conducted in the Solent. I buzz around the area in a Sealine S34 when I get the chance, and am always extremely courteous and considerate to any and all yachts I meet along the way!

I wanted to learn to sail, both for the experience and because it's a "no-brainer" when it comes to both chartering and longer passage-making. Having got the bug I would love to be able to build my sailing miles and experience by crewing for any experienced skipper that may be short-handed.

I live in Farnham, Surrey about 45 mins from the South Coast by car so am available at reasonably short notice on weekends. Holiday allowance (and wife) permitting I could also be available for longer cruises.
Alan    -   26 April 2017 at 13:05  Email:  
We are Alan & Lynn we live in Hamble and looking to gain more experience in motor and yacht cruising.
We both hold Day skipper power,powerboat2,vhf/Dsc,also first aid,diesel
Alan comp crew Yacht.our experience has mainly been from bareboat charter around the Solent and in the med and if you have space for 2 very easy going people who enjoy a good laugh please get in touch. Alan has limited exp on yachts and Lynn has none so looking to gain more. Happy to help towards costs and maintenance it's all experience and not looking for a free ride.
Alan & Lynn
Rafal Stanczyk    -   23 April 2017 at 20:38  Email:  
Hi, 42 years old, RYA Coastal Skipper with approx. 4000 miles logged looking for opportunities to get afloat more often.
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Thunderbird & Imperator 2017
Rupert (Farr 40 Thunderbird) and Paul (SJ35 Imperator) have joined forces to run a combined campaign in 2017 majoring on the RSrnYC Regattas and Passage Races plus JOG Cat 3 and Cat 4 races.
Let us know if you would like to race onboard a 'Class 1' racing machine and/or a 3/4 Ton traditional racer/cruiser.
We await your interest with availability.
Our programme offers exciting opportunities. Details PDF
Both yachts berthed on the Prince Philip Yacht Haven at the RSrnYC in Hamble.
Email: Paul or Rupert

RSrnYC Members: If you are campaigning a boat for the whole season and have similar needs to Mike & Rupert please send the information to website@royal-southern

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