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 Crew Available - Getting Started ? - Racing Crew Register Entries
Phil   -   18 June 2017 at 18:01  Email:  

Newly qualified Day Skipper and new member to RSYC, looking for more time onboard as crew, so all the newly learnt skills don't get forgotten ! I'm a Hamble resident so can do evenings and weekends.

Please get in touch if of interest, thanks !
Sara Young   -   09 June 2017 at 19:17  Email:  
I'm 35 years old, live in Hamble, healthy and willing to learn (used to be a flotilla hostess in the Med, however have no formal qualifications). I'm keen to race and cruise just to start to get as many miles as possible in, plus I'm also keen to meet new people having recently moved here. I'm looking to do my competent crew qualification this summer! My number is 07825148402 .
Amy Gibson   -   09 June 2017 at 11:34  Email:  
Yachtmaster Offshore Power just getting into sailing. Hold my RYA comp crew and have built up just over 1,000 miles under sail including night/tidal. Working towards converting my YM for sail. Not a great deal of experience but a fast learner! I'm 33, strong, fit and healthy and happy to get involved in all aspects. Looking for cruising/racing opportunities where possible. Lots of availability and very flexible. 07500561043
Joshua Mcnulty    -   17 March 2017 at 21:38  Email:  
21 years old member of staff here at the Royal Southern for the last few years. Though I have never been sailing, I like to think I make up for my lack of experience with vast amounts of enthusiasm!
So if anyone needs any crew and are willing to teach I'm more than happy to learn. Feel free to call on: 07494539459
Natasha Dean   -   18 February 2017 at 09:40  Email:  
Hi my name is Natasha and I have worked at the Royal Southern Yacht Club for the last couple of years and have sailed on Yachts and motor cruisers in the past.
I would love to get back on the water and I am keen to learn new skills.
My phone number is 07979 148928.

Kevin Cochrane   -   02 February 2017 at 22:12  Email:  

I've recently done my Competent Crew qualification out of Southampton, limited sailing time but keen to gain more practical experience. I'm 57, fit and willing to muck in and learn. Ideally for weekend sailing or longer with notice. I am available end of February 2017 onwards.

I can be contacted on 07495 609033.
Ellie    -   29 January 2017 at 20:49  Email:  
My name is Ellie brown.
I often do dinghy sailing and have done yacht sailin before but would like to learn more. I am available at nights and weekends.
James Garside   -   17 January 2017 at 13:50  Email:  
I am currently living by Swanwick Marina after moving up from Cornwall in November so am available for evenings as well as weekends if necessary. Have previously cruised on 36ft Dufour since age of 6 and 45ft Beneteau over the last 8 years (I am now 23) all out of Falmouth . Haven't had a chance to do any qualifications as of late but keen to get my Day Skippers this year and really focus on racing crew skills generally. I can provide all of my own foul weather gear if need be for these more inclement months leading up to spring.Can also get hold of me on 07928028403 to discuss my experience further and possibly have a small meet & greet in Hamble if convenient.
Alexandra   -   01 January 2017 at 11:28  Email:  
Hi, I am a 33 year old sporty, strong and friendly female, looking to sail more in 2017. I live in London and have sailed with friends regularly over the past ten years. I am a novice and don't have any qualifications yet, although I did complete some courses as a child, as my father owned a boat! I can be available many weekends in 2017, and am looking for opportunities both for cruising and racing. I am keen to get stuck in and get some time on the water, and ideally would love to race in Cowes week.

Please do contact me if you are interested, and I am happy to meet to discuss!

Many thanks, Alexandra
Thomas Stiddard   -   16 November 2016 at 18:15  Email:  
My name is Tom. I am looking to get involved with yacht racing and maybe some crushing too.

I am Comp Crew qualified and have done a few weeks on a training yacht and one Regatta through my work. I am looking at completing my Day Skipper in 2017 and some other RYA courses.

I live near Salisbury and am willing to travel at my own expense available on weekends and willing to use leave days from work to train etc. I am a keen and quick learner, willing to take any position in a crew. I am also a qualified Emergency Medical Technician and looking at doing the RYA First Aid in the new year.

Please email me for further info and contact details.

Jess and Ros   -   25 October 2016 at 13:13  Email:  
Hello - we are two sisters (Jess (30) and Ros (32)), living in the Southampton area. We are friendly and easy to get on with, both very keen on sailing and hoping to get more involved in sailing regularly. We are both doctors and have good knowledge of first aid if that helps! We have previously dinghy sailed (undertaken RYA level 1 and 2) and both have our competent crew sailing qualifications. We intend to take our day skipper courses (theory and practical) in the next year so would appreciate any opportunity to help out and improve our skills and knowledge at the same time. We are interested in both cruising and racing. We are available most weekends (one or both of us), and would be happy to get stuck in. We would also be happy to be contacted at the last minute. We are more than happy to meet up before to discuss anything and are easily contactable. Please do get in touch if you are looking for 2 very keen crew!
Jamie    -   22 September 2016 at 22:20  Email:  
I have been dinghy sailing competitively for years, racing at club an national level. Having spent many summers working as a dinghy instructor, am hoping to get back into racing. I have Day skipper, VHF, SI, PB2 First Aid etc.

I am based in London, but can get the train towards Hamble/Southampton/Portsmouth to meet boats.

I would be particularly interested in joining a racing crew semi-regularly to build experience but also happy to cruise; essentially anything to get on the water!

I'm easy going and keen to learn, so please feel fee to get in touch!

Claire Ayers   -   01 September 2016 at 22:05  Email:  
My husband and I have recently completed Day Skipper and Competent Crew course at Port Solent. We are very keen to gain more experience either together or individually. I could be available Thurs- Sun and my husband could do weekends only.
We have professional jobs and live in Shropshire with our daughter Molly 8yrs old, so if any families would like some company we are very easy going.
Victoria Saxton   -   16 August 2016 at 15:39  Email:  
Hello! A friend and I recently completed Competent Crewe at the Hamble School of Yachting and we're now looking to have more time on the water and keep learning. We've even booked a sailing trip for New Years in Antigua. We make a wonderful G&T at the end of the day if that helps. Enthusiastic and keen learner. London based so free for weekends.
Georgia Miles    -   04 July 2016 at 22:35  Email:  
Hello I am 19 years old female who is really keen to work in the marine industry. I have done a lot of dighy racing and wanting to start raceing bigger and farster boat I got my day skipper and my competent crew. I am really friendly and easy to get along please email me if you want to look at my sailing CV thanks you Georgia
Philomène   -   17 May 2016 at 20:22  Email:  
Hi :)
I've recently moved to Hamble and I'm looking to get into sailing races! I have cruise sailing experience, a bit in racing and I've been working as a dinghy instructor during the holidays. I am available most weekends, I love sailing, I'm sportive and sociable so please do not hesitate as I am really looking forward to find crewing opportunities!! I'll be happy to help to any task and learn from the most experienced!
Howard Tripp   -   11 April 2016 at 17:54  Email:  
I'm a mid 30's guy living in Winchester, looking for opportunities to get out sailing on the solent at weekends, either cruising or part of a racing crew. I am a qualified day skipper and have done several sailing holidays in the med, so am comfortable enough around a boat, but looking to grow my basic sailing experience and always keen to learn new things!
Claire   -   04 March 2016 at 14:52  Email:  
Love sailing and looking for any opportunities to get out on the water (racing, cruising, deliveries). I completed a number of rorc's offshore races last season and the fastnet. Quick learner and really keen. Laid back but can be competitive when I need to!
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Thunderbird & Imperator 2017
Rupert (Farr 40 Thunderbird) and Paul (SJ35 Imperator) have joined forces to run a combined campaign in 2017 majoring on the RSrnYC Regattas and Passage Races plus JOG Cat 3 and Cat 4 races.
Let us know if you would like to race onboard a 'Class 1' racing machine and/or a 3/4 Ton traditional racer/cruiser.
We await your interest with availability.
Our programme offers exciting opportunities. Details PDF
Both yachts berthed on the Prince Philip Yacht Haven at the RSrnYC in Hamble.
Email: Paul or Rupert

RSrnYC Members: If you are campaigning a boat for the whole season and have similar needs to Mike & Rupert please send the information to website@royal-southern

Recent Entries

In:Crew Available - Getting Started ?
From: Phil  On:18 June 2017
Hello,Newly qualified Day Skipper and new member to RSYC, looking for more time onboard as crew, so all the newly learnt skills don't get forgotten ! I'm a Hamble resident so can do evenings and week...

In:Crew Available - Getting Started ?
From: Sara Young  On:09 June 2017
I'm 35 years old, live in Hamble, healthy and willing to learn (used to be a flotilla hostess in the Med, however have no formal qualifications). I'm keen to race and cruise just to start to get as m...

In:Crew Available - Getting Started ?
From: Amy Gibson  On:09 June 2017
Yachtmaster Offshore Power just getting into sailing. Hold my RYA comp crew and have built up just over 1,000 miles under sail including night/tidal. Working towards converting my YM for sail. Not a g...

In:Crew Available - Experienced Crew
From: Rob Bath  On:30 May 2017
Recently relocated to the UK from Australia and now based an hour from Hamble in Surrey. 17 Sydney to Hobart races (latest 2017), 2 Fastnet races (latest 2015) and several 505 World's. Looking for a p...

In:Crew Available - Experienced Crew
From: Neal Brewer  On:28 May 2017
Hi I am looking for a boat for this offshore season and hopefully to include the Fastnet (I am looking to complete my 16th!) I have been sailing for the past 35 years doing offshore for the past 30 a...

In:Crew Available - Experienced Crew
From: Nigel Hadaway  On:02 May 2017
A cowes and round the island race regular sibce 2007 but just come back from 2 years abroad. Have also been regular crew for jog and torc racing. Warsash etc. Sailed out the hamble a lot.I've done f...

In:Crew Available - Cruising
From: Alan Webber  On:02 May 2017
Hello there!I'm a 53 old male, and a newly certified RYA certified Day Skipper (Sail). I also have RYA Day Skipper (Power), Marine Radio (SRC) and Radar certifications. My practicals for both sail and...

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