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October Folly Rally Weekend.

Typically, the annual late Cruiser supper marks the official close of the season when we Cruisers reminisce about the good times we have had through the year in the 25 or so events that the Cr/Committee have put on. Friday 14th October was no different.

A healthy compliment of members sat down to a great supper of tasty Gammon in sauce (Chairman's favourite - thanks Maggie) followed by Summer Fruit Tart - another popular choice.
Most of us decided to team this appropriately with what was not quite the last of the summer wine, whilst viewing the member's action photos on the large TV screen. Over coffee, Maggie outlined some of the upcoming events for 2017 which, among many other attractions, include a Cruiser race to the Channel Islands and an ICOYC charter cruise in Finland (briefing meeting on 4th November). Watch this space...

One thing is for sure, you can never be certain about the weather at this time of year, however, this sometimes has its advantages. A couple of the Met' models I viewed suggested that it would drizzle rain for a good part of both Saturday & Sunday. In defiance, Saturday dawned with bright sunshine which continued all day to oversee our short hop across the Solent to the Medina.

Thus encouraged, seventeen boats made their way up to The Folly and it wasn't long before kettles were on the boil, corks were heard popping and out came the cake. The 'official' pontoon party was scheduled for 18.00 at which point of course the forecast finally caught up and by 17.45 the Heavens opened with a vengeance.
Naturally Royal Southern members, being made of sterner stuff, donned oilies for the first time that day and umbrellas materialised leading to several juggling acts between bottle, glass and brolly. Unsurprisingly, the brollies lost!

Aperitifs, nibbles & much conviviality later, the party duly broke up pending preparations for supper, some setting off for the pub across the river, some hosting supper parties on board and some dining cosily a deux, all very agreeable.
Sunday morning and your correspondent was awakened early (at 06.00) thanks to the incessant drumming of rain on the coach roof. There then followed, for me at least, one of those exquisite moments in life when you realize that:
(1). It is disgustingly early on a Sunday morning, (2). It's still dark. (3). We are moored to a mid-river pontoon with nowhere to walk apart from to the end and back. (4). The ferry hasn't started yet. (5). Probably no-one else is awake. (6). No-one else knows I am awake. (7). As already declared It's raining. (8). As a result of the preceding 7, you've amply justified your case for another half hour or so where you are... I mean, how many reasons does one need...?

As the Sunday forecast (and actual) showed no sign of improving, added to by the advent of a rather gusty breeze, Maggie, having previously canvassed the Cruising Committee announced that sadly, there would be no model boat race this year. (I agreed to this as my own entry, equipped with high velocity Invisible infinity drive, still needed a little work - but come next year...).

All of a sudden, Sunday roast at the Club seemed like a very good idea!
Bryan Hughes.

"Early Morning pre-departure inspection of the Fleet”.

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Our Commodore Karen Henderson-Williams was recently interviewed by Sasha Twining on BBC Radio Solent's H20 slot.
Karen was asked about her childhood and how she got into sailing with her parents, how she progressed from dinghies into keel boats and about her role in helping to develop youth sailing at the Club. She explained her current role as well as her stewardship of the Royal Southern as only the second lady Commodore in the Club's 179 year history. Karen also discussed her aims and objectives for the Club going forward. It's a great listen, and we hope you enjoy it.

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