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Cruiser Rally Report - Summer 2017

Yarmouth-St Peter Port. 86 nm

Early start at Yarmouth with Chatterbox Northwest 11- 15kts. Motor and sail to arrive at Alderney Race for 1600. We were perhaps early but had an easy ride through the race on the Alderney side. Chatterbox took shelter in Braye harbour.

The wind strengthened and backed so a very close reach in a rough sea from Alderney to St Peter Port. The wind and sea eased for a fast and sunny ride down the Little Russel to St Peter Port. Aeolus and Io arrived together from Poole, closely followed by Dino Volante.

Two full and sunny days on Guernsey with arrivals from Zampa, Xtract and finally Foyle II. Foyle was on her way home after 4 weeks in Brittany.
Dino Volante caused a minor incident when cleaning out the sink drain with the foghorn; a nearby boat reported that we had a dog on board. The custom officer came to question us!

Excellent dinner at the Guernsey Yacht club with 11 guests.

Dinner at the Guernsey Yacht club

We watched Graham and Dairne Rabbits on Teal motor into the harbour.

Teal arriving at St Peter Port

St Peter Port- Treguier.52 nm

Approach to Treguier

Monday 3rd was race day with Dino electing the early start. The wind was SW 4-5 with a moderate sea so it was a challenge to make enough ground to the west to counteract the East going tide at the entrance to Treguier.
Both Dino and Xtract were on the same course motoring to the West. Xtract overhauled Dino under motor and mainsail only so Dino decide to make a race to the line by rolling out the head sail, Xtract followed suit and both boats arrived at a dead heat to the finish buoy. We then had a beautiful sail up the river until the wind died.

Tuesday was a day to explore Treguier and then to greet Aeolus and Io to the pontoon before having dinner together at the local hotel.

Left: Treguier Cathedral and Square   Right: Treguier House

Wednesday is market day in Treguier and so the racers decided to shop instead of sailing.
The side streets, and all the squares have stalls selling clothes, jewellery and plenty of food. It was a joy to wander, explore and buy.
Some of us spent the evening working our way through a fruit- de -mer; more engineering than eating; the fresh sea flavours were very fine.

Treguier Market

Treguier-Paimpol. 30 nm

Thursday was race day with champagne sailing with sun, flat sea and a good breeze. The passage to Paimpol with the tide was over almost too quickly. Xtract played their joker by using the spinnaker and sailing a longer course, this handed the victory on corrected time to Dino Volante.

The pilotage into Paimpol was interesting as the last mile or so was over the green of the chart. 

We had a great spot in the inner basin along the pontoon next to the wall. Once again the highlight was a meal together in a local restaurant.

Paimpol fishing boats

RSrnYC yachts in Paimpol

On Friday we explored the city and did a few boat jobs, meeting once again for the local galettes and crepes.

Paimpol-St Cast. 36 nm

Grand Lejon

Saturday was race day from Paimpol to St Cast. There was almost no wind for the first three hours so Xtract and Dino agreed a draw.
The wind did arrive off Cape Frehel and it was a great sail along the coast along the high cliffs and into St Cast.
All the boats arrived around the same time and after a beer ashore we had the prize giving.

Xtract en route to St Cast

Dino Volante (Pat, Jackie and Keith) and Xtract (Dudley, Terry-Ann and Terry) were declared joint winners of the racing; the Wee Welly Prize for the most intrepid voyage was awarded to Teal(Graham , Dairne and Rowena).
 The new and very beautiful trophy for Double Handed team, donated by Mike Austin, was awarded to Russell and Helen Tribe on Io.

Double Handed Prize: Helen and Russell Tribe  .Io

Pat North July 2017

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Karen was asked about her childhood and how she got into sailing with her parents, how she progressed from dinghies into keel boats and about her role in helping to develop youth sailing at the Club. She explained her current role as well as her stewardship of the Royal Southern as only the second lady Commodore in the Club's 179 year history. Karen also discussed her aims and objectives for the Club going forward. It's a great listen, and we hope you enjoy it.

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