Club History

A History of The Royal Southern Yacht Club Est. 1837

At almost 200 years of age, the Royal Southern boasts a rich history of toil and ultimate success – the proof of which stands in the excellence of the club today. Read below to delve into our past.

It is hardly necessary to emphasise that these pages do not pretend to do more than give some glimpses of the Club’s long, sometimes stormy and hazardous passage since its birth in 1837. Much has been omitted. Perhaps the most serious omission is the absence of any attempt to record the debt which the Club owes to all those who, from that day to this, have given their time, skill and imagination to all the planning, working and worrying which has succeeded in building and growing the Club which we are able to enjoy today.

To them, perhaps, we might just apply Christopher Wren’s famous epitaph: “If you require a monument, look around you”.