Changes to Ballot Criteria

After a review into the ballot process carried out by the Sailing Office and Sailing Committee, a decision was taken to change the criteria for the preferential ballot. In summary, the change will mean that the number of berths awarded to those meeting the criteria is now uncapped. The criteria themselves remain unchanged and are listed below. The purpose of this change is to further incentivise volunteering and participation in Club events.

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New Criteria

  • Each vessel must be fully owned by a Full Member (which shall include a Family Member) of the Club. Jointly owned vessels are eligible if, and only if, all part owners are Full Members of the Club. The licence is granted for the Boat identified in the application. No other boat may be moored in the allocated berth without express permission of the Club.
  • All owners must be resident in the British Isles and must have be Full Members of the Club.
  • At the time of the ballot, the vessel must be entirely in the possession of the Member(s). Vessels that have not been completely built or the purchase of which has not been completed are not eligible.
  • A berth ballot application from an owner(s) with overdue debt(s) on their club account or who has not paid their subscriptions may not be considered for the ballot.
  • Club berths are provided primarily as a facility to Members who make regular use of their vessels in Club events, or who have offered their boats for club duties during the 2023/24 season. Ballot priority may therefore be given to applicants who cite this participation in the application form. Preferences will be given as follows:
    • Yachts – Any yachts/motorboats which have entered and participated in any three Club Events during the 2023/24 season, or which have been used as a Committee Vessel or Support Vessel on any single occasion during the season.
    • RIBs – Any boats which have assisted in any event in the Club Calendar during the 2023/24 season.  All successful berth holders are expected to assist with mark laying on at least one occasion during the following season.
    • Dry Berths – Any yachts which have entered and participated in any three events in the Club Calendar during the 2023/24 season.
    • Dinghy Park – The first 10 spaces will be prioritised for sailing dinghies.
  • The number of berths allocated to boats that meet the criteria is equal to the number of available berths once the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, and past Commodores have been offered a berth. If there a more eligible boats than berths, a ballot will be held.
  • If there are any berths remaining, a ballot shall be drawn from all other applicants. Places shall be allocated in the order in which boats are drawn in the ballot where possible.  However, length, draft and beam will be taken into account, and it is possible that a boat may not be allocated a place even when a boat drawn later in the ballot is offered a place.